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Weifang Heng an Radiator Group Co., Ltd.
Address:67 Lianhuashan west Road,Economic Development Zone,Anqiu,Shandong

In 1975 November,Anqiu County water plant was established. Anqiu Countywater plant formerly known as tank shop Anqiu County agricultural machineryrepair factory, mainly the production of tractors and other machinery productsaccessories tank.

In 1992,the company invested 9600000 yuan to introduce American, Germantube machine, roll the standby key manufacturing equipment, built segment type,pipe type and large engineering machinery radiator three production lines, the annual production capacity is increased from 80000 units to 300000 units, the quality of products meet or exceed international standards, products are exported to America, Canada and other countries, and become the country with the industry an export enterprise only. This technological transformation makes the product structure from fin to adjust single segment type and pipe type two structures.

In 1993 March,Anqiu County water tank factory changed its name to "ShandongWeifang tank factory".

In 1997,the company 90000000 yuan investment in the construction of an annual output of "500000 aluminum radiator production line", the introduction ofhigh frequency welded pipe making machine from USA, brazing furnacetechnology to produce the most advanced and a process for the production ofaluminium radiator. Completed and put into production in 1998, is Chinese firstaluminum radiator production line, products to fill the domestic blank, instead of the imported products, the company scale production, modular supplyfoundation..

In 1998 November,"Shandong Weifang tank factory" restructured from state-owned enterprises to private enterprises "Weifang HengAn Radiator Co., Ltd.",the registered capital of 18000000 yuan.    

In 2004,the company invested 80000000 yuan, in the city of Anqiu economic and Technological Development Zone built with an annual output of 600000 sets of tank production line, mainly the production of construction machinery products, truck, agricultural equipment products and generator.

In 2004 October,Weifang Hengxing Radiator Co., Ltd. was established in Anqiu Economic Development Zone, the registered capital of 12000000 yuan, covers an area of 110 acres, the main production of construction machinery products,commercial vehicles, trucks, agricultural equipment and generator products etc..

In 2005 April,the establishment of the Weifang HengAn radiator group.

In 2008 February,group company from the Lotus Mountain Wei Xu Road Anqiu City No. 272 moved to Anqiu city economic development zone.

In 2011,the company and the Guangzhou Dahua Company established a joint venture in Weifang Dahua Heng tube industry limited company, the main production tube radiator and intercooler pipe.

In 2011,the company 520000000 yuan investment in the construction of the "energy saving and environmental protection industrial park" project, closed cooling tower, evaporative condenser, desulphurization and dust removalequipment and other high-tech products mainly industrial production, mainlyused in petroleum, iron and steel, machinery, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining,construction and other industries in the cooling water, oil, high temperature gascooling. The three products are energy saving and environmental protection products in the most advanced, has received national patents, to fill the domestic blank. In 2012, the first phase of the project completed and put into operation.

In 2016 July,The company won the honorary of "abiding by contract and Valuing Credit" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2014-2015.