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Our company convened the general meeting of the automotive radiator Committee of Wuxi Automobile Association.

From:澳门赌场押大小 Time:2014-11-18

October 25th to 26, my company as the Chinese Automobile Industry Association, the chairman of the board of directors of the unit, in Wuxi, Jiangsu organized a Chinese car radiator Committee in 2014 the general assembly. The meeting a total of 45 members of the unit 28 non member units to participate in 120.
The Automobile Association Deputy Secretary General Ye Shengji attended the meeting and made important speech, he from the auto industry as a whole situation of, scientific analysis of the status of China's automobile industry parts and existence question and the reason, the next step how to face the opportunities, further and stronger China's auto parts proposed rationalization proposals and measures, on the radiator industry healthy and rapid development has important guiding significance.
Association director Li Shaozhi made a speech entitled "unity of passion beyond an important report to promote the scientific development of" Chinese automotive radiator industry at a higher level, including the current situation, industry development report problems, how to promote enterprise cooperation, the three aspects of the big industry and seek common development, elaborated the market demand, the radiator industry import export application, with the use of moving to the Multi-National Corporation in the industry and the domestic market of new products, new technology and new process equipment; rational analysis of the relationship between car companies and parts enterprises, the competition between the industry and other practical problems; how to build a common technical platform for the next step, realize the sharing of resources, strengthen the self-discipline, avoid malicious competition, strengthen the industry cooperation consciousness, to achieve sound and rapid development of the industry put forward specific Work plan.
Association Secretary General Wang Zhongzhu made a report on the work of the radiator Committee, and announced the establishment of the radiator industry experts committee, announced the expert committee composed of personnel and the Association Deputy Secretary general. At the meeting there are 12 representatives of the participating units took office to talk about the technical papers and good management experience, exchange of communication between each other, and made a lot of good advice and suggestions on the work of the association.
On the 26th, association also organized a study tour of Wuxi silver state company, Sifang vacuum furnace industry company, Fangsheng Wuxi for heat exchanger company three enterprises.