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Our company and China University of Petroleum hold the signing ceremony of teaching and scientific research base.

From:澳门赌场押大小 Time:2015-08-22

In order to further strengthen the school enterprise cooperation, training more qualified enterprise management and application talents, improve the level of enterprise technology research, enhance the ability of technology innovation, the company in cooperation with the China University of petroleum established "China University of petroleum, Weifang HengAn radiator Group Co., Ltd. teaching and research practice base", and on July 13 in our company held a signing ceremony.
Attended the meeting. Comrade China University of Petroleum (East China), College of chemical engineering, Dean Yang Chaohe, vice president Wang Zhenbo; Anqiu City National People's Congress party first secretary, deputy director of Ren Haiyan; Anqiu City Vice Mayor Wang Deming; Anqiu municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the letter Bureau, people club Bureau, science and Technology Bureau of the relevant leaders and our group company chairman Li Shaozhi; chairman, general manager Luo Jiangong etc.
"China University of petroleum, Weifang HengAn radiator Group Co., Ltd. build teaching and research practice base" signing and inauguration marked the two sides have entered the stage of all-round cooperation. We Heng company has a higher starting point, the level of scientific and technological innovation will be to a new level. We will be the spirit of "strengthening the cooperation between colleges and enterprises, to achieve a win-win situation together," the spirit, and boat Masonic, good faith cooperation, seize the opportunity, the courage to explore, elaborate organization, careful management, and actively create good conditions for college students in school education practice, to provide better service to built into the base of teaching, scientific research and practice a good platform for the development of scientific research, both the school and the enterprise resource sharing, complementary advantages, relationship of scientific and Technological Development and achievements of the cycle, truly win-win cooperation.
Cooperation between our company and China University of Petroleum, can realize the powerful combination, complementary advantages, to speed up the transformation of scientific research achievements, promote enterprise development, has a very important significance.