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HengAn radiator works together with Shandong HuaZhi to create lean management benchmarking enterprises.

From:澳门赌场押大小 Time:2017-10-24

       In October 11, 2017, Weifang Heng radiator group lean management project started the successful convening of the general assembly, this is Shandong HuaZhi launched to create regional benchmarking enterprise activities, and a signed strategic cooperation partner.
       Weifang HengAn radiator group company is one of the largest China engine radiator production enterprises, to further adapt to the market with high quality, low cost, short delivery needs, HengAn radiator group to determine the development strategy of lean - Automation digital intelligent, in response to customer demand more flexible operation mode of rapid and accurate. The implementation of the lean management of the project, the company for the improvement of management mode will have a huge role in promoting, will greatly improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce costs, avoid waste, is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to achieve sound and rapid development of the only way which must be passed.

1、Startup meeting

2、Wang always do lean to intelligent theme training


3、The project manager Mr. Zheng expounded the content and implementation path of the project

4、Mr. Wang, head of lean group of Heng An Group, made a speech and announced the appointment of the organizational structure

5、Chairman Wang of Heng Heng group made a concluding speech to further emphasize the company's strategic initiatives:

① The implementation of lean management is a strategic measure of the group, which does not allow anyone to doubt and wait in any way, and should actively participate in it, anyone will become a stumbling block, the company Zero tolerance;

② Allowing mistakes in innovation and encouraging everyone to participate actively;

③ Anyone who performs first before failing to do something better understands it and then turns it back;

④ Lean management system and quality management system complement each other, the idea is consistent, never allow to pursue one aspect, ignore the other side;

⑤ Lean management daily, daily management lean, no one should exclude lean on the basis of daily work;

⑥ The implementation of lean gradually from the intelligent environment is a must go on the road, the company's leadership must be active in promoting.

6、Group photo