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The engineering is mechanical 2014 is expected to pick up

From:澳门赌场押大小 Time:2014-04-24

In 2014 China mainly in the period of strategic opportunities, is expected in 2014Chinese GDP growth of around 7.5%, will continue to maintain a reasonable interval of economic operation. Although the pace of economic growth,enterprise steady potential is not consolidated, but "steady growth" as a policygoal will remain unchanged. "Steady growth policy only marginal effect" willgradually decline trend, thus "steady growth" policy on the future economic growth will be reduced. But the "steady growth" plays an important role in economic growth, the construction machinery industry will rely on the "four trillion" on doping, but in the economic tide gradually stable, steady growthgradually.

China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index of the National Bureau of Statistics survey on the service sector and Chinese Federation of logistics and purchasing releases shows, 2013 November Chinese manufacturing PMI was 51.4%, and last month, 14 consecutive months at or above the critical point.Senior National Bureau of Statistics survey on the service sector center StatisticsDivision Zhao Qinghe said, since this year, along with the steady growth,adjusting structure, promoting reform measures in place and effective, enterprise production and management conditions gradually improved, the manufacturing sector continues to undermined stability.

In addition, industry data also show, 2013 industry October excavator sales volume 7537, grow 23.7% compared to the same period, 8.9% growth in chain.1-10 month excavator accumulated sales of 97935 units, down 6.6% yoy, than the 1-9 month 8.4% decline narrowed by 1.8 percentage points. From the perspective of product structure, October dug, dug in, a little digging respectively year-on-year growth of 57%, 15.6%, 30.2%. 1-10 months, small dug up 3.1%,dug, dug down 4% and 36.8% respectively..

Influence of national steady growth policy on the development of engineeringmachinery industry gradually, the long-term stability of the macroeconomicenvironment is to be expected, engineering machinery industry will gradually embarked on the path of steady development. In fact, recent favorable our High-speed Rail, highway, railway, city rail traffic and municipal construction and otherfields continuously, provide some support for the engineering machinery demand. Construction machinery market in the future will not be expected tocontinue to decline, and gradually moderate rebound will be the trend of development.