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Excellent R&D ability

From:澳门赌场押大小 Time:2014-04-25

Hengan Radiator R&D Center

        The R&D center is the provincial R&D Center. The company has more than 200 engineering technicians, of which over 60 hold intermediate or senior professional titles. The company has built an extensive system of industry-university-research cooperation with such institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions as Shandong University, China University of Petroleum, Dalian University of Technology and North Vehicle Research Institute.

        1.Different structure & material cooling system used on different industry.
        2.Develop based on engine parameter.
        3.Simulate the design by self-developed software.
        4.Tooling and fixture design for production.
        5.Analyze and optimize cooling package according to machinery/ engine prototype test data.
        6.Engineering collaboration/ service on cooling system application in field.
        7.Advanced technological innovation and R&D ability.
        8.121 state patent rights.
        9.12 state new products.
        10.Provincial innovation projects of Tube-fin Brazed Heat Exchanger, EGR cooler and Design Software of Heat Exchanger.