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Authorized test ability

From:澳门赌场押大小 Time:2014-04-26

Hengan radiator test center

        The test center is certificated by the China National Accreditation Society(CNAS)and has got the National Laboratory Accreditation and Metrology Certification. It is equipped with the largest scale of advanced test facilities both in China and abroad, it can provide the exact and reliable data support and theory basis. The center can also do the test of all kinds of material and items for both in China and abroad. The test report has the authority and legal power.

Test center laboratory instrument

        1.Single wind channel test
        2.Combined wind channel test
        3.Vibration test
        4.High temperature pressure impulse test
        5.High & low temperature impulse test
        6.Thermal shock test
        7.Bursting test
        8.Torsional vibration test
        9.CAC thermal cycle impulse test
        10.Stone Chip Resistance Gravel meter
        11.Inside and outside corrosion test
        12.Vacuum test
        13.Material performance test
        14.Metallic materials composition spectral analysis